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If you’ve been looking for the perfect unique golf gift for your favorite golf addict, meet the product that has golfers across the country buzzing. This is not your run of the mill gag golf gift.  Rather, it is a cutting-edge practice mat that gives real grass turf a run for its money.

If you’ve ever tried a traditional artificial turf practice mat, you know all too well how shoddy they can be.  Did you know that many artificial turf mats are actually made from discarded football stadium materials?  No wonder they haven’t been performing for you.

he Country Club Elite T-Turf system, the most unique golf gift on the market, will make your favorite golfer forget any ordinary golf mat they’ve ever tried. No other practice mat comes as close to the feel of real grass turf.

No longer do you have to settle for rough artificial turf mats with those ridiculous rubber tees.  The Country Club Elite system is so lush you can actually use a real wooden tee!

If you’ve got any doubt left that the Country Club Elite is a golf gift amazing enough for your friends and loved ones, check out what even a country club manager has to say:

“It really does eliminate the problems common with most mats - there is no bounce and the feel really is REAL,” says Jack Connelly. “I was concerned about forcing members to hit off of mats since we have always had a natural grass practice range. But the response has been sooo good that some of my membership would prefer to hit off of the mats even when they don’t have to.”

In addition to the feel and quality of this cutting-edge golf gift, the CC Elite has other benefits. For example, consider the convenience of being able to practice as though you were at the golf course, without ever leaving your yard.

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll realize in this exciting and unique golf gift.

*No rubber tees! Our system allows you to use real wooden tees
*No standing on beat-up, bent-down turf that harms your posture
*No more divots chewing up your back yard
*No driving to range. Just take it out and use it.
*Practice indoors or out
*Practice whenever you want for as long as you want

Even better, will let you swing away on their lush CC Elite mat for a year. If you manage to wear it out, they’ll send you a new one free of charge.
If you’ve read this far, clearly the CC Elite has captured your interest. Now it’s time for the best part: the amazing CC Elite system is yours for less than the price of a new driver. For yourself or a friend, this practice system is sure to cut strokes from your game in no time.  Let the CC Elite’s unique design, long, dense fibers, and pristine craftsmanship take your love of golf to another level.

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