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If you’re like most golfers, eventually you’ll reach the point in your abilities where you feel stuck in a rut. But you don’t have the time or energy to be out on the course every day practicing to shave a few strokes off your game. The good news is, you don’t have to. Thanks to a few cutting-edge golf training aids, you’ll be able to devote the time – wherever and whenver you want – to improving your game.

Praised by CBS and ESPN2 for its revolutionary design, the Birdie Ball is a limited-flight practice ball like none other. We all know how poorly plastic or foam practice balls perform; they’re easily damaged, catch the wind too easily and, worst of all – they just don’t feel real.

The first time you use the Birdie Ball golf training aid, you’ll be shocked at how much it feels like a normal golf ball and surprised when it only travels 40 to 60 yards! You’ll get impressive hang time from the Birdie Ball, and you (or you kids…) will love the unique turbine sound it makes as it whizzes though the air.

Next time you’re stuck on a backed-up golf course, pull out a Birdie Ball and swing a couple of practice shots – who knows, it may make a positive difference in your game. And when you’re at home, there’s no need to neglect half of your club arsenal. With Birdie Ball you can use each and every club in your bag and swing till your heart’s content.

Of course, no golf training aid setup would be complete without a great golf practice mat. The Country Club Elite T-Turf is your answer. When you step onto its long, lush turf and drive a real wooden tee into its surface, you’ll forget everything you thought you knew about practice mats.

The CC Elite is the golf practice mat that is equally at home at a fine country club or in your own backyard. Golf professionals and club owners alike have showered these mats with praise and the word-of-mouth response among the golf community has been phenomenal.

With Birdie Balls and the Country Club Elite golf practice mat, you no longer have to sacrifice authenticity and quality while you practice. Get a real feel, real response, and real results from this unique golf training aid combination.

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