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Getting Your Short Game Improved

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5th August 2009

Getting Your Short Game Improved

Many people do not practice their short game enough because they spend too much time at the driving range trying to perfect a drive.  Using a golf putting green in the backyard will allow for your putting stroke to improve without having to spend time at the range working on the short game.  If a golf alignment mat is also obtained for the backyard, short pitch and chip-type shots onto the putting green can be practiced as well.

“…a fidgety player who addressed the ball as if he could reason with it.”

This quote describes former President Woodrow Wilson’s approach to golf.  While it may seem overdramatized, it truly does sum up how many people approach a shot.  Fidgety.  Too tight.  Inconsistent.  All of these terms could accurately describe how many golfers feel when they approach a shot.  By using golf mats, golf putting greens, and even a golf stance mat, a feel will be developed within one’s swing and they will not have to be inconsistent.

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23rd June 2009

Mental Game

The mental game of golf is one of the most unique aspects of any sport. It is not the instinctual response that athletes in most other sports have to have, but instead it really is just learning how to deal with the difficulties that a round of golf provide, and understanding different elements of golf that force your game to change on the spot, like conditions and different lies. Of course, there also is the motivation to practice the game that is an aspect of the mental game, but it largely focuses on how important it is to stay patient and maintain consistency even after a frustrating shot.

“Let’s face it, 95 percent of this game is mental. If a guy plays a lousy golf he doesn’t need a pro, he needs a shrink.” -Tom Murphy

This quote accurately explains that golf is really a mental game above anything else. While physical conditioning helps, it is not a precursor to success. Many athletes who could run a marathon, bench press large amounts of weight, or throw a ball one hundred miles per hour could not break par if they tried. Practicing with golf driving range mats, golf pitching mats, and on putting greens will help with your game, but the most important part of golf is maintaining a level head and staying patient. The most important thing is not to compound a mistake with another mistake, because, let’s face it. Nobody is good enough to not make on mistake in a round.

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