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Lower Your Golf Score - It’s Mental!

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14th October 2008

Lower Your Golf Score - It’s Mental!

Your mental golf training can be 5-6 times more efficient than practising on the driving range. The new AmazingGolfMind subliminal mental audios focus on improving the subconscious mind. By listening 3-4 times a week you’ll improve your game much faster than hitting hundreds of balls on the driving range.

Is thisn’t a new concept … Although it may be for regular golfers. Tiger and the top tour pros use subliminal mental training for a long time. Tiger is said using subliminal messages since he was 13.

You can watch the free video here and get a free short game audio directly after watching the video:

To Your Success,

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4th August 2008

Manage Your Thoughts to Manage Your Game

It’s not your typical golf book,but I am reading Psycho-Cybernetics right now (a classic mind management book) and there
are some references to golf:

1) “Jack Nicklause, the late Payne Stewart,
and many other top golfers have made very
specific statements about their reliance on
“the mental side of golf”. In foreword of the
book MIND OVER GOLF” … Payne Stewart
wrote” With my old mind set I don’t think I
would have been able to prevail in either
of those major championships. But with my
new mental approach, I was able to raise
my game to the highest level when I had to”
written by Dr. Richard Coop

Psych-Cyb: ” A Boston psychologist now
coaching pro golfers, profiled in Golf Magazine,
says “By My calculations, the average golfer
spends about 86% of their time doing nothing
but wrestling with their thoughts and emotions,
feeling one way or the another about what is
taking place, feeling exhilaration or anger,
struggling to keep focused, worrying about
what’s happened or what is up ahead.”
It only stand to reason that 86% of the
success / failure determination is due
to management of thoughts and emotions,
not swing mechanics or putting prowess.”

Good Thinking, Jay

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