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18th July 2009

Golf Training Aids

It’s great to get out to the range and practice your golf swing, but there are a lot of things that you can do to improve your golf swing in your own home.

I find that my golf work out is one of the things that can keep my attention on fitness more than any thing else. I Like to have my work out pay-off and of course I would like to be a better golfer.

In the winter I do this same thing with regard to skiing.

Working out is great, but I need that extra cause to push me over the edge.

You can also practice golf with the following home training aids:

The Real Feel Golf Mat

One-Put Putting Mat

backyard Putting Greens

Golf Target Flag

Practice Golf Balls

So get our there in your backyard and start practicing your golf swing.

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18th June 2009

Backyard Fathers day golf.

     If you can’t get to the golf course you can bring the golf course to you. If you can’t find the time for you and your dad to go out for fathers day golf then you can golf in your backyard. All you need is your very own golf practice mat and a target flag to shoot at. You and your dad can take turns hitting chip shots from various tee box locations to your flag. The best golf mat and flag combination is made by J.R. MATS INC. Their Country Club Elite golf practice mat is the most realistic mat on the market. People who try our mats usually buy our mats. So don’t delay, order yours today!

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