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Backyard Fathers day golf.

Finally, A Golf Mat that Let's You Swing "Down-and-Through" the Ball (no more bounce) And It Even takes a Real Tee!
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18th June 2009

Backyard Fathers day golf.

     If you can’t get to the golf course you can bring the golf course to you. If you can’t find the time for you and your dad to go out for fathers day golf then you can golf in your backyard. All you need is your very own golf practice mat and a target flag to shoot at. You and your dad can take turns hitting chip shots from various tee box locations to your flag. The best golf mat and flag combination is made by J.R. MATS INC. Their Country Club Elite golf practice mat is the most realistic mat on the market. People who try our mats usually buy our mats. So don’t delay, order yours today!

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31st March 2009

Golf Mat & Putting Green Masters Promo

Golf Mat discount Promo Act fast!

I Just came accross this e-mail and wanted to pass it on …..


1) The discount code is on the left side of your screen as you check out

a little down from the top.


2) The discount code “jaythanksyou” will give you a 10% discount.


3) The Bonus code is toward the bottom directly below the

how did you hear of us field. Use “Rough” to get a 10×30 rough

strip that you can place next to your mat to practice those pesky

little chips from around the green. $ 51.00 value


4) The new bonus items are the real deal with true value and come with any size mat.


you can see sizes and prices here:

or read some reviews here:




I have also received a number of e-mails regarding putting greens. you can check out the

tour links putting greens - you can check out what I believe to be the best DIY putting greens

available here:

use coupon code “puttlikeapro” without the quotes for free shipping



** These are indoor / outdoor

** Provide a fast true roll

** You can place them right on the deck, lawn, dirt, garage or driveway.


Please let me know if I left any information out.

Good golfing,


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