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Golf Mat & Putting Green Masters Promo

31st March 2009

Golf Mat & Putting Green Masters Promo

Golf Mat discount Promo Act fast!

I Just came accross this e-mail and wanted to pass it on …..


1) The discount code is on the left side of your screen as you check out

a little down from the top.


2) The discount code “jaythanksyou” will give you a 10% discount.


3) The Bonus code is toward the bottom directly below the

how did you hear of us field. Use “Rough” to get a 10×30 rough

strip that you can place next to your mat to practice those pesky

little chips from around the green. $ 51.00 value


4) The new bonus items are the real deal with true value and come with any size mat.


you can see sizes and prices here:

or read some reviews here:




I have also received a number of e-mails regarding putting greens. you can check out the

tour links putting greens - you can check out what I believe to be the best DIY putting greens

available here:

use coupon code “puttlikeapro” without the quotes for free shipping



** These are indoor / outdoor

** Provide a fast true roll

** You can place them right on the deck, lawn, dirt, garage or driveway.


Please let me know if I left any information out.

Good golfing,


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